Toyota Dash Warning Lights

Toyota Dash Warning Lights

Toyota Dash Warning Lights

What Do Toyota Dashboard Warning Lights and Indicators Mean?

We all have had it happen at one time or another. A light illuminates on the instrument cluster.
But what does it mean? Should  you pull over immediately and call a tow truck? Is it something that can wait till your next service?  The first thing to remember is not to panic. Not all dash lights indicate an immediate problem. Use the diagram below to familiarize yourself with the various dash warning lamps and indicators on your Toyota.

Warning lights are typically of a greater concern than dashboard indicators, but neither should be ignored. Here are a few common dashboard warning lights that you should be aware of.



ABS Warning Light

If there is an issue with anti-lock braking or brake assist systems, this light will illuminate to make you aware. For your safety, you should schedule a service appointment as soon as possible at your local Toyota dealership.

Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

When you have low oil pressure, it can lead to decreased performance and an eventual engine failure. Take care of this light as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your engine.

Check Engine Warning Light

The Check Engine Warning Light is an important one to understand. This warning light can indicate significant and major engine issues that may include a malfunctioning electronic engine control system.

Now that you know what some of these indicators mean, you can avoid major vehicle issues with early detection. If you have more questions about dashboard warning lights and indicators, feel free to contact the your nearest authorized Toyota dealer. 

Of course these indicators may vary by vehicle and this guide should be used only for reference. Consult your owners manual for more specific details.