Toyota Wrecks Classic Ford Model A

(Orange, CA)

A restored 1931 model A that had been part of a family in California for over 45 years was destroyed after a distracted driver of a Toyota Corolla slammed into the parked classic while it was parked on the street.

A woman in a Toyota Corolla had drifted out of her lane, smashed into the rear corner of the Model A, and shoved it up onto the sidewalk. The impact bent the frame and the driveshaft, split the engine block, snapped all four wire wheels, broke the differential, and sent the hood flying ten feet into the grass. Aside from the obvious body damage, the car's entire structure is buckled and tweaked. It's totaled.

To add insult to injury the woman got back in her car and tried to drive away. Unsuccessful in her attempt, she fled on foot and was captured by police minutes later.

The car was torn down in the early 1990s for a full restoration, but it sat in pieces until a couple of years ago when father and son hauled it out of storage to finish what they started. The build had only been completed in the last six months.

We can only imagine how devastated the family must be after putting in hours of painstaking restoration to have it all ruined by a distracted driver.

-source: The Drive
-photos: William Smith