Used Car Parts Horror Story

(all names have been changed to protect the unlucky) 

After weeks of searching for a used car Ron finally found the car he was looking for. A used 2008 Scion tc with low miles and a manual transmission. 

The car was reasonably priced and looked to be in pretty good condition. He even had a mechanic from a local shop check it out. Everything looked good. No leaks, no damage, no signs of excessive wear. So he made his purchase and was on his way until...

A few months later he woke up to a dead battery. After a quick trip to the Toyota Parts Center for a new battery and some testing he discovered his alternator was bad. So... back to the dealership for an alternator and a drive belt. Now Ron considered himself to be pretty handy with a wrench but seemed to be having a hard time getting everything lined up. The belt was too short, the alternator didn't quite fit into the bracket. By this time he was pretty upset. He assumed the dealer had given him the wrong parts and now he had wasted all afternoon and the parts department had closed. 

The next day Ron was back at the dealership, parts in hand and very upset. The parts counterperson explained there was only one choice for both the alternator and drive belt and that the possibility that they were both wrong was extremely unlikely. Fortunately Ron had brought his old parts with him and both had part numbers on them. Oddly enough the part numbers John had were not for his vehicle at all but for a Scion xB. Upon further inspection he suspected that a previous owner has swapped engines from another car.

Ron purchased the correct (wrong) parts and was able to install them without too much hassle. He later brought the tc back to his local dealer and the did confirm that someone indeed put an engine from an xB in his tC.

Ron still drives his Frankenstein xb/tc  and is pretty happy although it is time for a new clutch and he is not looking forward to the parts nightmare to come.