Where is The Best Place to Buy Toyota Parts Online?

Years ago if you wanted to find the best price on a Genuine Toyota OEM part or any OE part you would have to drive down to your local dealer (sometimes miles away) and hope the parts were reasonably priced or the salesperson was nice enough to give you a discount. That was then... 

Then came the internet! These days you can find almost anything for sale online with a few keystrokes and click of the mouse. Genuine Toyota parts are no exception.  

So how do you know you are getting the best deal on Toyota parts? 

There is no easy answer. It pays to shop around and make sure you are buying from an authorized Toyota parts seller. If a deal on an auction site seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Every year thousands of people unknowingly buy counterfeit Toyota parts online. This not only puts your vehicle as risk of damage from an inferior part failing, but also could lead to you standing on the side of the road broken down.

It really pays to see what others are saying online about particular parts sellers. Check out online forums and reviews. Make sure the seller has a reasonable return policy in case something goes wrong. Most authorized Toyota parts sellers offer Toyota's 12 month Limited Warranty against manufacturer defects.

Here are a few tips to help your online Toyota parts purchase go smoothly.

  • Do your homework. Make sure you are buying from an AUTHORIZED Toyota Parts Seller.
  • Make sure the seller offers hassle free returns.
  • The part should be covered by Toyota's 12 month Limited Warranty.
  • Check the sellers online reputation. Just because they may have the best price on the parts doesn't mean you will get the best service. 
  • Be aware of shipping costs an time in transit. If you are in a hurry for the part, select expedited shipping or call the seller to make arrangements.
  • If you will be installing the part yourself sure your "skill level" is comparable with the part you are buying.
  • Make sure you order everything you will need to complete the job. (ie gaskets, nuts, bolts, clips, etc..)

The bottom line is buying Toyota parts online can save you money and that trip to the dealership. Just make sure to take a few precautions and you are sure to have a great experience.

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